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       From the Editor :
       Hello and Welcome to the new EWhippetzine   ~   Everything Whippet Magazine Online !!
      I am hoping to bring together or at least closer the different venues of our versatile whippets.
      I would like this magazine to be a balanced look at our breed that we all love so.

      If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute, please don't be shy !!  I have had
     Whippets since 1998 and Afghans before that since 1971 so I am not new (but not old) to
     the dog scene.  I do love this breed !!  I do not have Afghans anymore but I do have a few IG's.

     Thank you for visiting EWhippetzine and I hope you will come back often to see what's new.

   Advertising Rates & Deadlines:
  No deadlines... when you submit information or advertising, I will be able to upload it pretty
   quickly.  Unless I'm at shows for the weekend, I will be working hard to update the website
   Full page ads  run $20.   I hope that will encourage owners from all  the venues to show off
   their hounds.    Anyone that would like to contribute  articles  on ANY of
   the venues, I offer a free ad.I will be taking candid pictures at the Nationals  and  try to get
   those up during the week.

  Thank you again for your time and support

  Vickie Smith
  Editor EWhippetzine
  P O Box 83
  Stilwell, KS  66085