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"Winner's" Totes 

A "Winners Tote" Dog Show bag.
I am offering a new item that I am sure many dog show fanciers will be happy about.  This tote is the answer!!  Getting ready to go to ringside can sometimes be frustrating, but now you can gather up your brush, towel, sprays, bait, squeaker, dog show catalog, business cards and have your doggy mat attached to this vinyl lined tote.  The size is approx 18 X 14 and 5 inches deep.  The mat attaches to the back of the tote with a draw string cord and a squeeze lock.  It has a nice approx 16 x 12 pocket on front with a small pocket on the inside.  The mat is matching vinyl on back with sherpa fleece and is about 24 x 36.  If you show dogs,you'll love this bag.  No more fumbling with all your stuff, take it to ringside in a "Winner's Tote".

Here is an example tote.  Color and material will of course differ.....

Prices on tote bags depend on cost of material, but should range from $25 to $30 including the mat.  Est $6 shipping cost