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                    CH.  Mancol's Taylor Made
           (Ch Jo-Na-Da's Just In Time ex ChMancol's Watch Me Sparkle)
                                Bred by Sharon and Peter Mango
                                          born June 6, 2001
                        Cerf # IG-953/2006--65 Breeder Opt F2B

Pictured at 12 weeks............

"The Italian Greyhound is very similar to the Greyhound, but much smaller and
more slender in all proportions and of ideal elegance and grace."
Pictured at 4 months

Taylor is exactly what I've been looking for and I was just lucky that he was available.
I wanted something Houndy, with bone and substance and reach and drive.  He is a very
smooth mover with ground covering extension.

Taylor at 5 monthsTaylor at 10 1/2 months

Italian Greyhound Collars   Beautiful Collars from Charis IG's