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      1994 Litter

      Ch Avalon Dances With Wolves ex Ch Narh-Volt's Cracklin' Rosie
      born 6-9-94

             Heartland Ruby Red Dress  (Pointed)
                Heartland China Rose
        Heartland Dream Catcher (major pointed)
           Heartland Daphne Mine  (Pointed)

                                                                  Ch Morshor's Majestic Prince
                                               Ch Hamrya's Lucky Charm
                                                                  Ch Hamrya's Moonspace V Tyobi
                     Ch Starline's Reign On, ROM
                                                                  Ch Delacreme De La Renta, ROM
                                                Ch Ringmaster's Gold Fever
                                                                  Ch Gold-dust's Limited Edition
Ch Avalon's Dances With Wolves
                                                                  Ch Saxon Shore Amber Waves, ROM
                                                 Ch Delacreme De La Renta, ROM
                                                                  Ch Runner's Creme De La Creme
                     Saxon Shore Firedance
                                                                   Ch Rolling's Viktor
                                                 Ch Saxon Shore Heat Wave
                                                                   Ch Rafina Rhianda of Kamara

Litter Pedigree
                                                                   Ch Locar's Dressed To Kill
                                                 Ch Locar's Waterford
                                                                   Ch Roving's Roadside Attraction
                          Ch Affinity Windrose Kemo-Sabi
                                                                   Ch Affinity WW Hi I'm Spencer
                                                 Affinity In A Heartbeat
                                                                   Affinity Red Letter Day
 Ch Nahr-Volt's Cracklin' Rosie
                                                                   Ch Folquin Pathfinder
                                                 Affinity Hi Madam I'm Adam
                                                                   Karamac's Patric's Megan
                           Affinity Hi I'm Kate, FCh
                                                                    Harmony Snow Dance
                                                    Winterwhip Gift of Gold
                                                                    Ch Winterwhp White Gold