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Heartland & HH Whippets Announce .....
The arrival of 5 beauteous girls all in black & white !! born September 19, 2006
Ch Lightfall's On A Raven's Wing
Group Winning ...Ch HH Moonlight Becomes Her, SC
Heartland HH Lamborgini Diablo at 11 months
"Annisette" is with Lisa and Joe Stewart, Rolla Missouri

                  HH Heartland LeBlanc Mirabeau
"Bo" is living with Robin Barry, co-breeder in Sunny Florida

Heartland HH Maserati Victory
       Sera lives at Heartland
                HH Heartland Porsche Carrera
"Porsche" now living with Val Garcia in Sunny Florida
Heartland HH McLaren Longtail
   Aren also lives at Heartland
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