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                      Introducing: HH Heartland "The Rodeo Queen"......
                   Reba !!
                 (HH Harbor Lights, FCh ex HH Moongold)
                                            Bred by Hound Hollow, Robin Barry
                                                    Born November 15, 2003

Reba's first days
            Reba at 6 weeks
Reba "Rabbit Hunting"
                                Reba at 4 months 

Reba at "almost" 6 months...
                                         Reba says you can nevvvvvver have enough toys.....
                      And the girls club is just too fun !!!

                                   Reba as the Calender Girl for October

                          Another perfect picture of the Rodeo Queen...
                      Reba now has 11 points and a major....
                          thank you Judge Frank Sabella

                       Reba is owned and spoiled rotten by:  Vickie and Len Smith
                                                    co-owned with:  Robin Barry