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Puppies born 4/10/06


Pedigree of Raven X Finesse

Lightfall's On A Ravens Wing
DC Locar's Ferrari SC/FCH
CH Locar's Clyde The Glide
CH Broadstrider's By George ROMX
CH Hamrya's Lucky Charm FCH/ROM
Aymes N' Raybar's Miss Oceana
CH Locar's Blowin In The Wind
CH Hound-hill Sea Otter
CH Locar's Show Off
CH Locar Datani Total Eclipse ROM
Timbar's Starless Night
CH Sundance At Best Run 'n' Free ARM
CH Timbar's Tender Is The Night FCH
CH Locar's Holiday Rambler
CH Locar's Paper Tiger
CH Locar's Britannia ROM
CH C Square's Ultraviolet
CH C Square's Idol Chatter
CH Merci Isle Meridian ROMX
CH Delacreme De La Renta ROMX
DC Merci Isle Hot Flowers FCH
CH C Square's Magic Pendant
CH Sekim Seafarer V Scrimshaw
Delight's Freestyle
CH Delight Of Justamere
CH Whippletree's Wild Colonial Boy ROM
CH Broadstrider's By George ROMX
CH Whippletree's Irish Mist FCH
CH Delight's White Collar Crime
CH Merci Isle Meridian ROMX
CH Whippletree's Jailai Delight CD
Wistwind's Finesse FCH,DPC
Marial Wistwind Color Me Quick FCH/TRP/ARX
AM/CAN CH Strebor's Energize LCM/CANFCH
AM/CAN CH Allerei's Tax Refund AM/CAN FCH/ROM
AM/CAN CH Allerei's Cabin Fever LCM
AM/CAN CH Allerei's Santa Paula FCH/ROMX
CH Oxford's Passion
Whippoorwill Moonstone ROM
CH Chelsea Saffron ROMX
Marial Palmeridge Watercolor TRP
CH Marial's Whitewater CD/ARM/ORC
Luke's Jay Jess Of Toro ARM
CH Marial's Memphis ARM/ROMX
CH Wistwind's Kiwi LCM-3/CAN FCH
CH Wistwind's Amos LCM-3/CAN FCH
CH Wistwind's Twinkle LCM/CAN FCH
AM/CAN CH Wistwind's Renaissance Rose LCM-3/CAN FCH
CH Chelsea Drakkar Of Oxford FCH/ROMX
Whippoorwill Moonstone ROM
CH Misty Moor's Thornwood Dondi
CH Lady Blair Of Whippoorwill ROM
CH Chelsea Saffron ROMX
CH Whippletree's Raisin Cain
CH Spectre White Hot ROM
CH Wistwind's Twinkle LCM/CAN FCH
CH Saturn's Star Duster FCH, ROMX
CH Hound-hill Strategist
Sundance Jewel Of Harmony FCH
Wistwind's Morning Glory CD/LCM/ROMX
AM/CAN CH Misty Moor's Chalmondoley ROMX
Cresswood Chelsey Morning FCH