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Helpful links......

American Kennel Club
America  Whippet Club
Italian Greyhound Club of Ameria

Breeder's Resource Center

First Aid
Addisons Disease

Raw Food Diet
Dog Food Anlysis
Poison Control   1-800-345-4735
  more Poison Control

Motels that accept dogs
   more motels that accept dogs

Dog treat recipes
Guide to Congenital and hereditary disorders
Directory of Dog related web sites

Introduction:Vaccination Concerns
TheDogPlace - Dog Breeders, Shows, AKC Kennels,
       Canine Breed Forums, Pet

Italian Greyhound Collars
     Housetraining 101
    info on broken legs....
        more on seizures

All dogs go to Heaven
The Last Will and Testament of
Silverdene Emblem O"Neill
Rainbow Bridge
The Journey

We use and recommend Kennel-Aire crates
Here's why.......