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In Loving Memory of.....

BIF Dual Ch Locar's Ferrari, SC, FCh
(Ch Locar's Clyde The Glide - Ch Locar-Datani Total Eclipse,ROM, also AOM at the
Western Specialty 1994)

(9/11/1993 - 1/16/2006)
Breeder/Owner:   Carol Curry, Locar Whippets

Is there anyone that doesn't know who the famous "Ferrari" is ???  If you didn't
get the chance to meet this wonderful dog, then you missed out on meeting one
of the Grandest dogs of our time.  What a high class Gentleman !!  And though he
wasn't used as a stud dog but a handful of times, his made his mark and we now
can see strength and quality through his grandchildren.  I and other breeders
are so thankful for the wonderful qualities he has given us and our breeding

Thank you for sharing "Fi" with us Carol......

Please enjoy this tribute to Carol Curry's beloved "Fi"

Ferrari and littermates at about 1 week ...
Ferrari is far right.  Also in this litter is:
     BIF Ch. Locar's Mercedes
     Ch. Locar's Bentley
     Ch. Locar's Miata

Baby Fi pictured at about 3 1/2 months...

Pictured as a young dog.....

Ferrari pictured at 11 years young...

Watching The Bunny !!!

Ferrari was Best In Field.........
at the Presidents Cup in Va, where he went BIF from open over
40 FCHs and most of the top ten ASFA dogs were at that trial.
It was a big trial in those days.
Thank you Tangie of Velocity Whippets for sharing
this wonderful photo with us....

Carol and Ferrari at the Nationals in 2004
Fi won a Select at the Nationals in 1995

Extended Generations Class
From Right to Left  Ferrari, Bart, Bug, Joey
DC Locar's Ferrari SC with Jan Swayze
his son - CH Carbeth's Black Bart of Locar SC FCH with Carol
his daughter - CH Locar's Butterfly Ballot with Jenny Boyd
her son - Locar's Just Joey with Pat Richey

Ferrari at home in March of 2005

Ferrari says, "there's nothing like a nice roll"...

Fi (left) and son Harry (right)...

               Sweet Dreams, Beautiful "Fi"