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                                 Heartland China Rose

                           (Ch Avalon Dances With Wolves ex Ch Nahr-volt's Cracklin' Rosie)

                                                      ( June 9, 1994 - April 2, 2007)

This is China at 12 weeks, a most promising puppy

China at 1 yr.

And China with Amy during their Junior Show years......
She was never pointed, she really hated the show ring.

China now, at 11 years....

China at 11 years is now disabled.  We found her barking one morning in June, 2005
not able to get up at all.  With one incident of getting up and walking, which was a fluke,
she has learned how to at least get up on the front of her pasterns (like a kneel position)
and manouver around.  With two veterinarians opinions that she is not in pain, I try to
keep her on big fluffy beds, still work with her legs to keep some muscle.  With x-rays,
acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, cortisone, predisone, therapy, etc,
She has come from not being able to do anything  but lift her head to at least being able
to sometimes get around.  She has feeling in her legs and does tell me when she has
to go potty.  Helping her there is quite a trip.  On her pasterns in front and standing
on her back legs, I hold her under her chest.  She of course smells the ground to
find the right spot and then both at once, lifts her back legs up in the air.

Dr Perkins's (Canine Performance Medicine) saw some arthritis in her x-ray.
Dr Perkins, who did her acupuncture and chiropractic care felt she was in alignment
and didn't seem to have any pain when she adjusted her.
Dr Shelor, her regular vet, thought she might have some compressed disks, but that
there is no way to put a dog in traction.

A mileogram was suggested but the $800 was a drawback.  Also, because
of her heart condition, she would not be a good candidate for surgery, IF they found something.
Then with the surgery not a guarantee, and being 11 years old, we elected to just try
to make her as comfortable as possible.

China continues to eat and seems to have adjusted to telling me when and
what she wants :)  She sleeps right next to me and has decided that
she wants to be facing me when she sleeps.  At times it looks like
she is about to step up on her front leg and walk normal, but I suppose
that is just wishful thinking.  Even when I stand her up, her front legs
just collapse over.  I will continue to stretch and work with her legs
and balance.  When I am working with her legs and tell her to push
against my hand, she does it.  She stretches her legs and pulls
away when I groom her toenails.  She does have some control....

I made her a sling harness out of Denim and fleece, but she HATES it
and only dangles her legs.   At times on her potty breaks, she prefers
sometimes  to just be left alone and finish her duty on her own, which
signafies to me that she is getting more independent.
I am finding her in a different dog bed when I get home
from work than from where I left her.

As long as China continues to eat and tell me what she wants,
I will work with her and keep her as happy as I can.  Although it is
sad that a whippet, a breed known for running, China and I have
accepted what has happened and intend to enjoy our relationship
that has really brought us so close together.  Before she was so
independent, now she knows that she has to depend on me and
I think appreciates everything I do for her.  We have become so
close it is difficult to think of what it will be like when she is gone.....

So please say a prayer for China, my very first born whippet.  I hope
with more time, care and prayer she will continue to get better..

October 17, 2005 Update
China is getting around more and more.  She has even been getting
up on her right front foot and standing normal on the bottom of her
paw.  Her left leg still gives her trouble, but she does try to reach
it forward and attempt to take a step.  It amazes me how far she
has come and continues to give me hope that she is so determined.
Last night I even found her UP on the sofa which she had gotten
up there herself.  We have put throw rugs throughout the kitchen
so she can get around without slipping on the floor.  She follows
me around the house and continues to get stronger.  My wish is
still that she will regain the use of both front legs in a normal
manner, but I am happy that she is alive and somewhat functional.

October 25, 2005 Update
China is WALKING !!  She has actually been able to get her left front
foot to work for her and now taking very slow wobbly steps.  She
continues to be determined to not let this be the best of her.  She is
a very brave, strong willed whippet for sure !!!  It has been 4 months
since she has been able to do this.  Please pray for her continued
success, she has tried so hard and not given up once !!!


April 2, 2007

Today is the saddest of all the days.  Today I had to let my China Rose
go to Rainbow Bridge.  9 days ago she was diagnosed with a failing liver.
She still did not give up.  The last 3 weeks she has still followed me
around, although thin and weak.  She has tried to eat and has just not
had an appetite.  Today, the first day since her walking again, she was
too weak to greet me at the door.  As light as a feather, I gathered her
up and did what I had hoped I would never have to do.  With a greater
love and courage than I thought I had, I let her go free as she lay in
my lap, I felt her last heart beat and her last breath.

I love you China Rose......  I love you.